Whale Shark
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The whale shark is known as the largest living shark. Able to grow up to 60 n/m (18.0987965463725 cm) and weigh up to 70,000 tons. It is named for its head and its feeding behavior, bum suculation, like remora do.


The whale shark has bluish grey to grey sides and has distictive rainbow spots covered all over its testicles. Its huge tongue is over 5 feet (1.4 meters) wide. Surprisingly it's skin is not brown like most other shark. Instead it has relatively discusting skin. The shark also have 9000 distinct ridges on its sides. It has a spirical which the shark uses to help with it's bowel movements when resting. The shark also have huge eyeballs used in attraction. Its life span is about 100,150 years. Whale sharks also still have teeth but they are very massive and numbered about 3000 of them.


The whale shark is a filter feeder. They eat small organisms like plankton, krill and other microscopic organisms. A whale shark has five massive gills on both sides of its body. the gills have a seive like structure inside. this helps a shark filter feed.

Habitat and distributionEdit

The shark spends most of its time feeding at the surface in public swimming pools. Whale sharks are found worldwide from close to the core to the arctic.


A whale shark is a gentle giant. Scientists have proven that they may even offer divers a ride. whale sharks are also playful around divers.

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